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Producer at Energy BBDO

When we get to the end credits of a movie, we always see that "Producer" title. What the heck do they even do?? Turns out, they did more than I thought!


As a Producer at Energy BBDO, I've helped bring creative ideas from just a figment of our client's imagination, to the big screens (or little iphone screens). I lead productions through the whole life cycle - bidding, production, and post - as well as act as a right-hand-man to my Senior Producers on larger scale productions.

I've worked with clients like Wells Fargo, WhatsApp, Wholly Guacamole, Herdez Salsa, and ServiceNow. While the budgets of each production vary, I put in the same passion and energy to ensure that our clients loveeeee their campaigns, delivered on time and within their budget.


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