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Your stomach craves chocolate, but your brain begs for almonds. Wouldn't it be great if there was a bar that could satisfy both tasty and healthy? Wouldn't it be great if we used the metaphor of a high school dance to sell this strategy? Wouldn't it be great if comedians Eric Wareheim and Atsuko Okatsuka were dressed up as teenagers about to awkwardly experience their first dance? It's All Great. It's All Kinds Of Good.

Kind "Prom" :60
Jake Cameron

Kind "Prom" :60

CCO: Josh Gross
ECD: Jonathan Fussell
ECD: Robin Laurens
Creative Director: Dane Canada
Creative Director: Josh Parmenter
Producer: Jake Cameron
Executive Producer: Lily McNamara

Director: David Shafei
Production Company: WW7
Editor: Casey Cobler
Post Production: Flare Chicago
VFX: Coffee & TV
Sound: Ben Treimer

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